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Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy November!!!!!!

I am getting ready to walk out the door this morning with my daughter to go to babysitter/work, when my loving husband calls out from the next room: “Hey Stephanie, Do you know what today is?  It is November 1st which means they will be starting to play Christmas music on the radio!!!!!!”  and then he start belting out a Christmas song….sigh.

Is it really that time of year again?  The temperature this morning tells me yes it is.  Don’t get me wrong, I am very thankful October is over.  I love the season, the weather, leaves changing, cool crisp mornings, hay rides, bon fires, etc… but I HATE Halloween and everything it stands for. (Just speaking it plain)  Even before I was serving the Lord, I never really cared for it.  I wasn’t raised celebrating it, I was raised knowing that it was celebrating evil and we didn’t do that.  I now know more of the meaning of the holiday which makes me despise it even more. Halloween isn’t just about dressing up and getting candy, it is a very evil holiday!  It definitely makes me think, why I celebrate each holiday we celebrate.  Is it just tradition or do I know what it stands for and the true meaning behind each of them…  Anyway, enough of that…

I still can’t believe that it is the Holiday season again!  It is always a bittersweet time for me.  I get so excited; I love making huge meals, the smells, candles going, decorations, buying and wrapping gifts, the joy on my children’s faces, playing in the snow, Christmas music, hot cocoa or hot cider, etc…. But then it is over and we have 3 more months of winter before warmer weather L  It seems like our Holidays are so busy and rushed, we have so many get together’s to go to (divorced parents and all their parents have get together’s).  This year we both want to make our own traditions and meals.  Even if it is just us 4,  I want my kids growing up with memories of their own home, not going everywhere else.  Growing up, we never celebrated Thanksgiving or very rarely and Christmas’s were so packed with going to Grandparent that we really didn’t do anything special at home.  I want different for my children.  Corbyn is 7!  Time is moving too quickly!  Sorry for the long Monday post.  Lot going thru my head.

What are your traditions you have started with your families?  How do you juggle the hustle and bustle of the Holidays and still take time to enjoy it with your own family?  What do you say no to?

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