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Monday, November 1, 2010

Breaking Chains

This is the song on my heart today...God is great and Greatly to be Praised!  I feel a revival in my soul and am claiming back the ground the devil stole from me!

Can’t you hear the sound of breaking chains No longer bound / No more the same Freedom for captives in Jesus’ name Can’t you hear the sound of breakin’ chains

Verse 1Though Paul and Silas in chains were bound No bits of iron could keep them down They started praising and when they sang They heard the sound of breaking chains

Verse 2There at the alter on the day I knelt Its hard to tell you of the power I felt Just how it freed me I can’t explain But I heard the sound of breaking chains

Verse 3The day is coming when the saints will rise The law of gravity will not apply The graves will open and those that remain Are gonna hear the sound of breakin chains

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