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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2010 coming to a close...

Hard to believe it is that time of year again.  Time seems to just zip by anymore.  I will try and run thru our year... I should keep a notebook throughout the year so I can look back and remember!

January - Andy's Papaw Larry passed away after some complications in the hospital.  Not the greatest way to start off the year... Also, my sister started dating an old acquaintance that lives in Washington state!  (my birthday was the 27th!)  My sisters husband got out of the Marines.

February - Happy birthday to my sister and niece, it was were I first met my brother in law's new girlfriend.  He did very well! :)  We also had a late Christmas gathering this month and Jocelyn was diagnosed with RSV.  My youngest sis moved to AZ with her husband.

March - Happy Anniversary to us!  8 years and going strong!  We also started looking into replacing our roof which needed done badly.

April - Made the down payment for the roof to be put on in June, my little sis and her husband moved back home from AZ.  I also went back to part time at the end of the month.

May - Happy birthday to my dad and brother!  Also had my sister's baby shower and started planning for youth camp in June.  Also attended the Old German Baptist Annual Meeting to see lots of old family and friends I haven't seen in years!

June - Happy Birthday to my sister , son and my hubby turned 30!  We had youth camp as well and started preparing for our General Convocation.  Our roof was finally put on and we had approx 10 large trees taken down on our property.  My sister got engaged!  Also ended up switching babysitters

July - Happy birthday to my niece, nephew and sister in law and brother in law!  We had General Convocation and started preparing for Jocelyn's 1st birthday.  Also my niece Abigail Jane was born!

August - Happy 1st birthday to my daughter!  We had her party which was a big hit.  Also started all the back to school stuff.

Sept - My dad and brothers and sisters and spouses all went camping for a weekend before my sister moved to Washington.

October - not much happened really.  Happy birthday to my niece!  I also went back to full time to help out while a co-worker goes thru chemo.

November - Happy birthday to my niece and brother in law and brother.  Had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and had a couple bridal showers for my sister.  Also my brother and soon to be brother in law got to come home early from WA.

December - Happy birthday to my mother!  Also the big day for by sister and her now hubby.  It also started our never ending Christmas's!

Whew! What a year!  I am sure I left some things out but that is the gist of it.  Am very thankful for everything I have, everything God has done and looking forward to another year of His wonderful blessings!

Happy New Year everyone!
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