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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

This week’s menu and rambles…

Sorry for the lack of posts lately.  To be honest, I have had little motivation.  I usually have some time in the evening at bedtime to sit down and blog some but at that point I am in my bed with my daughter, snuggling and getting her to sleep.  After being on a computer all day at work, I have had little motivation to get on and update other than an occasional glance at Facebook.

But with the sun out and knowing spring is less than a month away, I feel that excitement building up inside.  Things I start thinking about:  warm sunshine, windows open, spring cleaning and getting rid of junk, bike rides and walks, being able to watch my daughter run around and enjoy the outdoors (this time last year she was barely crawling!), cleaning out flower beds, planting fresh flowers and a few veggies (scaling back this year due to busy schedule and remodeling projects on our plate.  I am hoping to still put up some from others leftovers but other than that we will just have a few things to eat fresh), occasional trips to the park, eating ice cream and popsicles outside, garage sales, and the list goes on.  Needless to say I get excited!  AND….. my latest news….. me and the kids are going to WA in April with my mom, sister and neice!!!!!!!!!  I am so excited for several reasons.  1. Me or the kids have never flown before 2. My sister just moved out there when she got married, so I get to see her and my niece for the 1st time in 4 mos. 3. My brother, girlfriend and son are in the process of moving so it will be nice to see them again 4. A VACATION!!!!!!  I am so siked!  I honestly didn’t think it would happen but the tickets are booked so no backing out now!

Still very much looking forward to time away with the hubby this weekend for our 9yr anniversary.  We are going to a hotel that has a Jacuzzi in the room and to the botanical gardens Friday.  Then Saturday we are sleeping in and then meeting my mom and her boyfriend at the Home and Garden Show.  I can’t wait.  I haven’t been to one since I was a kid and it will be wonderful to get ideas without trying to keep track of kids!

As for our menu this week :

Monday : Taco Salad, Open Faced Sandwiches
Tuesday : Shepherds Pie, Homemade Wheat Dinner rolls
Wednesday: Breakfast: Sausage and Egg scramble, yogurt, OJ
                     Dinner: French Bread Pizza’s, side salad
Thursday: Chicken Alfredo dish, peas
The rest of the weekend we will be in Ft. Wayne.  I haven’t decided on Sunday yet…. Any ideas, let me know!

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