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Monday, November 22, 2010

Blah Monday….

This is so not how I wanted to feel today….  I wanted to be on top of my game today and start off this week on a good note.  Not really sure where it is coming from except that I have a massive headache and staring at a computer screen all day is not helping matters at all… To start things off we woke up late again, ugh!!!  It completely messes my day up when I don’t have my normal wake up time, ect…  I am going to unplug the alarm clock and reset it and hopefully that will work.  Ever since the time change, it has been messed up as far as when it goes off.  I also feel so sleep deprived today and not real sure why… Yes we had a rather hectic weekend so maybe that is some of it.  I just want to go home in a dark quiet room and go to sleep.  I don’t feel like going to church tonight ( we have it tonight instead of Wed. due to the holiday), I don’t feel like doing Thanksgiving on Thursday, black Friday shopping Friday, or our Thanksgiving Saturday!  Everything suddenly looks huge and impossible and no fun.  I hate this cause I was looking so forward to it all.  I am hoping that it will soon pass and it is just the headache that is causing it all.  I hate this feeling especially this time of year.  I so want to enjoy it and enjoy the family time, I don’t want to be moody or blah feeling.

So sorry for the whiny post today, just getting some of my “feelings” out there I guess…

On a side note, as I mentioned earlier, we had a hectic but good weekend!  I took a ½ day Friday to help with the bake sale at church.  It was a huge day and was baking till 9pm that night but it went so smoothly and we were able to get it all done in one day!  I came home from that and made a pasta salad for a birthday party on Saturday ( I have become famous with this pasta salad and it is so easy!)  Saturday, hubby got up and went to work, the kids and I got up and around and left around 9:30 to head to Merriville to Albanese Candy Factory to get about 20# of blue candy for my sisters wedding.  Instead of nuts and mints she is doing a candy bar.  I have never heard of it but it should be interesting.  After the Candy Factory we headed to Target to get a few things then over to Portage to the birthday party.  It was a lot of fun and so cute!  The first birthday’s are so fun I think.  We headed home to which both kids konked out so I had to work to stay awake myself but didn’t do too bad.  Soon after I got home, my sister brought up my 4 month old niece and I had her Saturday night and thru church Sunday.  Then we took her back and had lunch with my family, came home, had choir practice and church, came home and went to bed and viola! We are here!  After typing this, maybe I know where my headache is coming from…..hmmm….

Hoping to post some pics this week of the holidays and some other random stuff….
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