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Monday, February 7, 2011

A good weekend and a Packers win!

Hard to believe it is Monday already!  Seems like it was just Friday.  We had a really good weekend though!  Friday I picked up my daughter then went to Aldies to get a few necessity items then I met my husband at home who and picked up our son and went and got my youngest brother (17) for the weekend.  We headed back into Warsaw for their Fire and Ice show and to eat at a really good Pizzeria!  The ice show was really neat!  It was a bunch of huge ice sculptures randomly placed throughout downtown on the sidewalks.  Some of them were hooked up to propane to where the tops of the sculptures were lit.  It was really neat!  The pizza place was PACKED but it was so good!  After that we came home and just relaxed the rest of the night.  Saturday we slept in, had breakfast and then I took a pair of cute jeans I had gotten at goodwill for Jocelyn and split them and made a cute long jean skirt (we don’t wear pants).  It turned out really cute!  I am thinking I might make some more in the future when I can find jeans on sale or at Goodwill.  I even thought about cutting the legs off the pants and attaching a skirt to the bottom.  Idk, I will just play around and see what I come up with.  It is so hard to find long enough skirts anymore for her.  For the winter that is fine, I just put leggings or tights on her but once warmer weather comes, I want her to have modest length clothes that don’t consist of all dresses (even that is hard to find long enough anymore).

Anyway, Saturday afternoon we had a birthday party to go to for my niece that turned 7 last week.  (hard to believe, I babysat her when she was first born till she was 1.5 and it seems like just yesterday!  I miss the cute little baby crawling after me calling, “Mama”.  No she wasn’t confused, She knew who her mom was, I was just Mama Steph.  Too cute!)  But she has grown into a beautiful, smart , admirable young lady!  I am so proud of her!  Our gift to her was the box set of the full color Laura Ingalls Wilder books!  I think I was just as excited for her to get them as she was when she opened them!  It brought back a lot of memories.  I used to have them growing up and read them several times over.  She has grown to love the TV show that they have now and so thought it would be fitting to get her the books.

After the party we came home and just relaxed.  Hubby did some major rearranging with his fish aquariums.  (We are getting ready to do some major remodeling and moving our bathroom and so there is a lot of rearranging stuff that needs to happen over the next few weeks).  I took the kids upstairs and went thru and cleaned out their dressers and put a bunch of laundry away.  I was trying to keep my daughter preoccupied since she has grown into quite the “daddy’s girl” and it is hard for him to do big stuff like that with her around getting into everything.  The kids played very well!  It is so cute to just sit and watch them sometimes!

Yesterday we ended up have one mid-day service due to the weather that we got Saturday and the weather that they were calling for last night.  So we were able to lay around a little in the morning and then after church, an elderly couple that Andy helped them put up a shed last fall, took us out to eat as a Thank You gift.  So nice and generous of them!  (It is not cheap for a family of four to go out to eat anymore!  So when we are able to, it is a special treat!  That is the way it was growing up!)  Last night we once again came home and were lazy.  I did some dishes from the weekend (sometimes I sure do miss having a dishwasher) and Andy played with his digital pic frame I got him for Christmas, loading it up with pics so he can take it to work.  And then I think I did a first!  I sat down and watched a whole entire football game from beginning to end!!!!!!  It was sweet too!  I was rooting for the Pack and they pulled it off!  Very exciting!  Even my son who I had to send to bed at the end of the 3rd quarter was happy!  I promised him I would wake him if the Pack won and when I did, he was still sleeping but mumbled “Go Pack Go!”  Too cute! 

Hope everyone has a good week and God Bless!


  1. Thats too cute what Corbyn said when you told him the packers won. LOL.

    Remodeling sounds fun and adventurous! Where r u moving the bathroom too? R u guys taking the project on by yourselves?

  2. We are making the back room which is now the office into a bathroom, laundry room and a short hallway. Yes we are doing it ourselves. It might take longer but Andy knows how to do everything that needs done and it is so much cheaper. THis is the beginning of our big remodeling project. We will be move some rooms around, knocking out walls, etc.... It will probably last a few years on top of replacing all the windows and siding at the end but we are determined to not go in debt so we are doing it as we put back! Should be fun!

  3. That is awesome! Good luck with it all and if you ever need any help just let us know.

  4. Thanks for the comment on my blog. It is nice to *meet* you!


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