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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentines Weekend and Anniversary Plans

Can’t believe it is Valentines already!  Seems like we just celebrated Christmas!  Anyway,  just curious what, if any, are your plans for Valentines?  Do you do something special every year or is it hit and miss?  We used to never really do anything major, especially since our Anniversary is in the beginning of March but a couple of years ago, we found that a semi-local Christian radio-station puts on a Valentines banquet every year.  It is really neat, lots of people dress up like prom dressing up, tux or suit and tie and very nice dresses!  Some even arrive in limos!  They have appitizers and punch fountains in the lobby and kinda like a social hour.  You can also get your pic professionally take for free!  The backdrop is all done up for Valentines, etc….  Then when they open the doors, you go into the ballroom which is decked out, lights dim, tule draped everywhere, black and red décor,  you find your table number that you were assigned on your tickets (135.00 per couple but well worth it).  The tables are round with seating for 4-5 couples.  Everything is set fancy down to the butter for the rolls which is little heart shaped molds, almost looks like mints!  You first start out with rolls and salad and tea or water.  After that the main course is either chicken and rice or beef and red potatoes (your choice when you purchase tickets) and then they give you some fancy veggie. And finally  the dessert is some kind of cheesecake or a yummy choc cake!  The whole evening takes approx  5 hours.  The whole time you are eating all your courses, there is either a concert and/or comedian show going on on stage.  It is so nice to be able to dress up and do this , just you and your spouse!  And the best part for us…. There is no alcohol!!!!!!!!  We do not drink nor do we go places that serve so our nice eating out places are very limited which is fine but once in awhile it is nice to have a luxeray feeling meal! 

This year, we however, are not going.  We didn’t really know the singer and comedian that was going to be there and some other things ended up coming up when we needed to purchase the tickets so we decided to skip this year which I am a little bummed but it is ok!  We are going out for a Valentines breakfast Saturday in Valpo with some people from our church in the Portage area.   We may hang around for a little afterwards and then that eveing we are coming home and my sis and her family may come up for games and munchies.  Sunday we will be getting up pretty early b/c my husband is going to be preaching at a church we have in MI which is about a 2 hour drive so we will be there on Sunday.  Monday, back to work!  Corbyn is having a party at school however so that should be fun for him!

One thing I am looking forward to is our Anniversary getaway this year!  It isn’t much, we are just going to Ft. Wayne on Friday for the afternoon/eve/night and then the next day we are meeting up with my mom and her bf to go to the Home and Garden show!  Yes I am very excited about it!  Next year will be our 10 year so we are planning something really special!  When we got married we couldn’t afford a big Honeymoon at the time so we just went to a small town around here that has a resort in it that is on a lake.  B/c we got married practically in the winter, no one was there so we ended up basically having it to ourselves!  The rooms are either 1 or 2 bedroom, we had the 2 bedroom.  The second bedroom is in the loft with a big Jacuzzi in it and it also has a living room, fireplace, kitchen, the works!!!!!  We loved it!  Were there for 2 days.  On our 5 year we ended up going back and fell in love with it again!  So I don’t know if we are going to do that for our 10 year as well or not.  We know for sure that we are getting new rings.  Hubby hasn’t been able to wear his since our first year of marriage.  He put a nail thru his finger and they had to cut the ring and bend it in the ER so it was destroyed…. He doesn’t want just some plain cheap one so decided to wait till we could get new sets!  I am so siked.  I am getting a princess cut on silver or white gold which is what I have wanted for years!  His will have diamonds on it, ‘cause that is just him but other than that, he really isn’t sure of the design.  We also talked about taking a trip to Maine or Denver, CO, those are places we both would like to go, so we will see!

Well I think I have bent your ears long enough!  Lol!  Love is in the air!  J

What are your plans?  Do you plan something special for Anniversaries?

God bless!

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