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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Just real quick.... I don't know who all looks at this or reads it but I am hoping that within my "chosen few" there are some ideas or resources you can throw at me.  I am wanting to come up with a different/better way to maintain household duties/chores while working full/part time.  When I am working part time, I am able to keep up quite a bit but still not to my satisfaction and would just like some feedback/ideas on how I can better my system.  With me working full time for the time being, I feel like things spiral out of control very quickly, especially during this season.  When we do have a little time at home, I am so exhausted, the thought of tackling the mountain of work seems impossible.  I know doing a little everday is the trick but so far I haven't came up with a system that I can maintain that mentality.  I read something today while searching on this subject and it said you have to create a habit to replace one.  I know it is very true but I guess i just lack the "umph" to do that.

Anyway, any and all help would be appreciated!


  1. Well I am a stay at home mom but I'll jot down what comes to mind...

    Wake up earlier than the kids!!

    Plan out what you will cook the next day and take out the meat the night before

    In the morning start the crock pot before work.

    Do cheat cleaning during the week

    Do real cleaning on Saturday early morning before the kdis are up or after they go to bed at night

    Hope any of that helps a bit. Like I said I'm not working outside the home so really these are jsut ideas...

  2. I had another to share...this is something I do...

    At night before I go to bed I put in the last load in the drier. I also put a load in the wash..often towels or cloths pr socks...something you can use a teaspoon or so of bleach on:) This way the wash does not smell mildewy by the morning and you can start the day by having one load already dry and one ready to go in the drier right away! HTH!


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