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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My new discovery…..

First of all I want to start off by saying how much I love my husband!  God knew what he was doing when he had Andy slam the door in my face on that cold day in February 11 years ago!  I am truly blessed! 

I work the first four days this week and then am off till after the first of the year.  Hubby has these whole two weeks off so while I work this week he and the kids are just home.  I walked into my home yesterday and the heat from the wood stove and the smell and heat of the pork roast in the oven greeted me.  Along with my happy children.  The floors were swept and some were mopped, dishes done, laundry done, house picked up, children bathed (did I mention they were happy?).  I loved the atmosphere I walked into, very peaceful and happy!  Within 20 min of me being home, supper was on the table and I didn’t lift a finger!  I had the luxury of cuddling with my 16 mos old and listening to my 7 year old tell me about his day.  We had a wonderful dinner together as a family.  Afterwards I helped clear the table and then did the dishes (it was the least I could do!)  Hubby and children were in bed by 9 and then came my discovery….

All day a nice hot bath was sounding wonderful!  This is coming from someone that really does not care for baths at all.  I think the most baths I have ever taken were while I was in the end of my pregnancies and was trying to alleviate some of the aches and pains.  Other than that, I don’t care for them.  Hubby on the other hand really enjoys them, especially in the winter.  This weather reeks havoc on his skin; especially feet so the nice, warm bubble bathes help soothe them.  Anyway, I decided, since the house was quiet, I would give it a try.  I lit some candles and turned the lights off in the bathroom and drew a nice, hot bubble bath and then I sank into heaven!  J Not really but oh my goodness, I don’t know if it age or what but I have been noticing lately that there are things that I treasure or things I value or desire that was never there before and baths is now one of them!  I loved it!  It was like everything just melted away!  Very peaceful…  It will definitely be something that I make time for in the future.  I have been thinking of things lately that would add more “me” time to my schedule b/c I feel I am lacking that majorly and I feel it is important to regroup and for me to be the mother and wife I need to be.  I think late night baths might be something to invest in!

So sorry for my rambling on about baths, it was an exciting day for me J  Hope everyone is enjoying their CHRISTMAS season!  ( I think we might go tobogganing on Friday, I will keep you posted!)

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  1. Oh a nice that bath sounds nice! Enjoy your time off with your family making the most of each moment!


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