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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Catching up

Whew, where has March went!!!!!!!!!!  It seemed to just have flown right on by!  But I am so enjoying the lovely sunny weather today!  It is beautiful out! 

There really hasn’t been much to post about lately…  Let me try and recount this past month’s events.    So the first weekend as I mentioned previously, we got away for the night/day for our anniversary.  It was wonderful!  Once you are married with children, you really cherish the time you and your spouse has together, just the two of you.  The next weekend we were at my mom’s the whole weekend.  On Thursday my husband bought an older pickup truck from someone his mom works with.  They had bought it brand new 18 years ago and then approx 3-4 years ago it started giving them some trouble so they parked it and hadn’t touched it since.  Don’t get me wrong, there is some rust and rough spots but for the most part it is a very decent truck for that old!  So that weekend hubby and bro in law went thru it.  Spark plugs, oil change, new tire, new brakes and lines,etc and got it running!  He was so happy!  Corbyn was too.  He thinks it is cool his dad has a truck now, he just isn’t fond of the rust but Andy is hoping to paint it later this year.  His parents paint and restore classic cars so all he would need to do is buy the paint.  So we will see!  The weekend of the 19th we had no plans!  Yeah!  I kept my 7 mos old niece Friday night and Saturday, we had breakfast at Steak and Shake and ended up running into some of my husband’s family that lives in the area that we had never met!  That was neat!  Then we were just home!  The weather was awesome that weekend as well!  Last weekend we had a fellowship meeting at one of our church’s in Ohio.  We had a great service and fellowship!   (Hubby preached a good message on being “Fully Persuaded” in our walk with Jesus Christ.)  This weekend, once again we are doing NOTHING!!!!!!  I am so siked.  I am actually wanting to tear into the house and do some mega cleaning if possible.  Hopefully I can check some things off my list! 

So there you have it!  Our eventful March that went by way too quickly!  Next looking into April…

  1. Shipshewana day with my dad and step-mom next weekend
  2. Flying to Washington the next weekend to visit my sister and brother that lives out there
  3. No plans as of now for the 23rd
  4. Fellowship meeting at our home church on the 30th .  I take care of the kitchen so that means, delegating dishes and making sure everything runs smoothly.

My big concern and the thing I am stressing over right now is the Washington trip!  I am so excited but at the same time so nervous.  Neither the children or I have ever flown!  We are flying at night and our first layover is 28 min!!!!  Yikes!  Also, I am traveling with 2 children so it is a little more work than if it was just me.  Thankfully Jocelyn is not 2 yet so we didn’t have to purchase a ticket for her but that means she is in my lap the whole flight!  Ugh!  I know how church services go and that isn’t even sitting the whole time!  Oh well,… I am sure it will all be fine and go smooth. (I pray!)  I am just excited to see my sister and brother and their families!  If any of you have advise as far as the flying for the first time thing, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!  I am taking any and all suggestions!

Hope everyone had a wonderful March and God Bless!

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  1. Your flying with your mom and sister too right? I'm sure they'll help ya out. But only a 28 min layover is kinda scary! I dont have much advise as I havent flown to much but we did fly with Jess when she was like 2 months old. Everyone told me to make sure she had her bottle while we were taking off and landing to help with the ear popping,,, Joc doesnt have a bottle but maybe just make sure she has her binkie. Night time flying should be good,,, hopefully they'll sleep for ya.


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