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Monday, January 3, 2011

Welcome 2011!!!!!

It is with mixed emotion that I am writing this. On one hand it is hard to think 2010 is gone!  Where does the time go!?  But at the same time I am excited to see what 2011 holds.  When I reflect over 2010, there are lots of memories, happy moments, sad moments, lots of busy moments, things I would change and things I would do the same.  Through it all the biggest thing that 2010 has taught me is I MUST completely look to and rely on JESUS CHRIST for help, answers, strength, wisdom, peace, happiness, love and understanding. Psa 121:1-2  No matter what the good intentions are, man will always let you down in one way or another but God is always there, on time, every time, whenever we need Him!  I can honestly say I learned this lesson the hard way this year but am very thankful because I am not sure I would have realized the seriousness of this if I wouldn’t have had to go thru the things I went thru.  I feel very blessed starting off this year.  I have lots of dreams and aspirations but most of all want the Lord’s will and leading in my life and am excited to see where He wants to take me this year.  Most of all I want 1/1/2012 to come and I can say I am deeper, stronger and wiser in the Lord.  I don’t want to be where I am today or take any steps back but want to move forward for there is a prize to obtain! 1 Cor 9:24; Phl 3:14 Oh Hallelujah!  Some of the things that come to mind that I can do to make sure I reach that goal is to do more studying, reading, fasting, spend more time in my “prayer closet”(1 Th 5:17)….

Hope each of you have a wonderful and blessed day and year!  Feel free to leave comments or let me know what you are anticipating for 2011!

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