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Sunday, November 7, 2010

He'll Do It Again

Don't really have words to say how I have been feeling lately, especially today but this song gives me hope so thought I would share!  Broken, sad, scared and lost.....

You may be down and feel like God
Has somehow forgotten
That you are faced with circumstances
You can't get through
But now it seems that there's no way out
And you're going under
God's proven time and time again
He'll take care of you

God knows the things you're going through
And He knows how you're hurting
You see he knows just how you're heart
Has been broken in two
But He's the God of the stars, of the sun and the sea
And He is your Father
You see He can calm the storm
And He'll find some way to fix it for you

And He'll do it again
He'll do it again
If you'll just take a look
At where you are now
And where you've been
Well hasn't He always come through for you
He's the same now as then
You may not know how
You may not know when
But He'll do it again


  1. Hey Steph,
    I love this post. I really don't know how Billy and I would have made it through these last three years without our Faith That God was there working on our behalf. And he was and still is. I am soooo thankful for our God.

  2. I'm not sure what is on your mind lately,, but please know if you ever wanna talk, I am here for you. Maybe we need a Starbucks date! Even if you just want me to listen and not talk I can :) Love and hugs. ~Jill~

  3. Thank you girls! I don't even know what is going on anymore, what is up or down. But I know God will see me thru, even if it doesn't look like it now, he is an On Time God. Thanks again!

  4. It seems often times the Lord sees individuals through times like these, and He always receives the glory from the work He makes known in a believers life...even if that glory is known only by the individual. I think of David. He first had to defeat the lion and the bear before goliath, making that victory in the Lord even mightier. Praying and I love you.


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