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Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekend Recap and Laptop Shopping

Wow, it has been awhile since my last post!  Nothing major going on here.  The last few weeks seem to have DRUG so bad!!!!!!  I hate weeks like that, I have no motivation, it seems like the weekend never gets here and then it is gone just like that, basically just a blah feeling.  Oh well, Spring is just around the corner and I know everything will kick into overdrive at that point so might as well enjoy the down time, which I do love btw!

This weekend was a good weekend!  We had dinner with some friends from church Friday evening and then Saturday Andy and the kids got up and I slept in for a little.  They left the house and did some running and I took a shower and got ready and then did up the dishes, swept floors, cleaned the bathroom, etc…  It was so nice to do all of that in peace and quiet!  Then my mom and her boyfriend came and picked me up and we headed to Ft. Wayne to do some belated birthday shopping!  It was a really good day!!!!!  I got some new shoes (1st pair of Pumas ever!), a few new shirts, a starbucks, lunch and then bought some material at JoAnn Fabrics to make Jocelyn and her friends some skirts out of jeans.  All in all it was a good day! 

Yesterday we went to church and had a really good service!!!!  Then went to Golden Corral for lunch.  Came home and Jocelyn and I laid down to watch a movie and took naps then went back to church last night and had another really good service!  Hubby preached a really good message on how important having faith and trust Jesus Christ is.  Afterwards we went to the store and got a few things.  Came home and Andy and Corbyn made some hot ham sandwiches before bed and Jocelyn and I had popcorn and orange floats!  Yum!

Then the coughing starts….. ugh, I feel so bad for Jocelyn. She has had this cold/cough for a week now and it just won’t go away!  We ended up giving her a breathing treatment at 3 am cause she was really starting to wheeze and rattle.  Hubby decided to take at least the morning off and take her to the Dr. to see if there is anything more we can do for her.  She isn’t running a temp but she is drinking a lot and doesn’t hardly eat anything of substance anymore….  Hopefully we can get it solved!

Now my big challenge I am dealing with…..buying myself a laptop!!!!!!!  Ugh, there are so many brands and kinds.  So many options and prices.  I am so afraid of making the wrong decision.  Oh well, I will keep shopping I guess.  If you have any suggestions or if you have a laptop and want to give advice about it, I am open to anything!  Thanks and have a good week!

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