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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Weekend Recap

Ahhhh!!!!!!!  What a weekend!  Everything seemed to go well!  My sister got a lot of nice stuff from her bridal shower.  I am so happy for her!  The surprise birthday party went really well on Saturday!  I think Mom really enjoyed herself!  It was good to see people I haven’t seen in awhile and to meet people that I hear about but have never met.  There were quite a few people that had RSVP’d that were not able to show so needless to say we had a TON of food!!!!!  Instead of trying to divide it up and it going bad in our refridgerators, we decided to donate to a local homeless shelter.  That felt really good!  Yes it was a lot of money spent on preparing food, but it would have gone to waste if we would have tried to take it home and this way we were able to entertain and have a good time and help out people in need as well.  Very good feeling!  Sunday I made a ham, cheesy potatoes, corn casserole, dinner rolls (leftover from party) and apple crisp (leftover from party).  My sister and hubby and daughter came up after church for dinner.  It was very nice and relaxing and felt good to fix a good meal on a Sunday!  Needless to say after that weekend I was exhausted!  Hubby wasn’t feeling the greatest and daughter was so cranky!!!!  Hubby decided to stay home with sinus pressure and headache Sunday evening and it was so tempting to join him but I had this still small voice in my head saying I needed to press thru and go to church, God had something for me.  So after my sis left, I finished cleaning up the kitchen, got the kids dressed, diaper bag packed and off we went!  Boy was service amazing!!!!  Our pastor taught an awesome message on King Saul titled “Decay of a man, loss of a crown”.  It was so good and so much needed for my soul!  I soaked up everyword that I could while still taking care of a cranky 15 mo old.  Altar service was amazing as well.  I was able to pray thru and lay some of my heavy burdens down that I have been carrying around for the last several months.  Believe me, I am no where near perfect and like the song states that I heard yesterday, “ I may not be over the mountain, but I can see the other side”.   So far this week, I feel so refreashed, like I got that cool drink of water in a very dry and barren land.  I am so thankful that I didn’t give in to the flesh that day, I pushed thru and heeded what the Holy Ghost was trying to speak to me.  It made me think back to a post I read about a week ago.  I believe it was titled “Moving…when the flesh doesn’t want to.  There was a lot of encouragement in that post and I believed it helped me in that situation!

Anyway, that is a recap of my busy, exhausting but very rewarding weekend!  Hope you have a good week!  Comments are welcome! J

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  1. Praise God for His relentless love for us and causing us to press in! :) And yes, it felt so awesome to know others were blessed from the food that was left.


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