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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


1. agreement: a settlement of a dispute in which two or more sides agree to accept less than they originally wanted
After hours of negotiations a compromise was reached.
2. something accepted rather than wanted: something that somebody accepts because what was wanted is unattainable
3. potential danger or disgrace: exposure to danger or disgrace

Something I have been thinking about and dealing with a lot lately....  But I think I have been dealing with different meanings of the word.  On one hand, I feel that is what my husband and I have to do a lot of, especially lately for some reason, COMPROMISE.  I struggle with it really cause it doesn't seem fair on one hand that we are constantly having to meet in the middle on subjects or issues.  For some reason anymore it seems we are on opposite ends and have to COMPROMISE our wants, desires, feelings, etc...  On the other hand I know that it takes lots of COMPROMISE in order for a marriage to work successfully so maybe this is God's way of seasoning our marriage ???.... 

But then there is COMPROMISING our beliefs which we refuse to do but seem like more and more people I never thought would ask us to, people that is supposed to be friends, family, who are there to support you, no matter what your decision is or if they agree or not, those are the ones asking us to COMPROMISE!  Why?  It is so frustrating.  People feel like I am judging because I don't cut my hair or wear pants and make up, I don't go to places that serve alcohol, I don't go to movie theatres, etc...  I am not judging, I am living my life the way I feel is right, the way my bible tells me I should live.  Yes, not all those things are in the bible but my bible does tell me to Obey them that have rule over me (pastor)(Hebrews 13:17), therefore if my Pastor has a guideline in place because he feels it is not expediant for my soul, then I MUST obey in order to not be sinning.  My bible also says obedience is better than sacrifice.( Samuel 15:22 & Proverbs 17:1).  Just because I don't go places you go or do things you do, does not mean I am judging you, I am simply doing what I believe and what my bible tells me is important to make Heaven my home.  If you feel judged, maybe it is your own convictions and if that is true, please don't turn them aside!  Search it out and seek God's truth!  He may be calling you!

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